What Is CranioSacral Therapy?

A gentle feather-light listening touch, No massage or manipulation

Example of a CranioSacral head hold

CranioSacral therapy is an unusual and surprising therapy in many ways. No manipulation or massage is involved and from the outside the therapist appears to be doing almost nothing. In fact what they are doing, using a feather-light touch, is listening very deeply to subtle movements in the CranioSacral system (the membranes and fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord). This induces a healing response in the client based on their natural  body-intelligence. The therapist does not have a pre-determined plan but works with whatever arises from the client trusting that the body knows best. In the still safe space created by the therapist the clients system relaxes and naturally takes the opportunity to reorganise itself in the direction of health.

As a therapist my job is to act as an anchor point; a fulcrum around which the accumulation of held patterns and tensions in the body can begin to be released. I trust the natural intelligence of your body and work with it through a place of stillness to bring healing to the mind, body and emotions.

Example of a CranioSacral head hold

Quote from a client: “My body felt much freer and lighter and I felt so peaceful and more comfortable in my own skin after yesterday’s lovely CranioSacral Therapy treatment with Mike. I would recommend this gentle non invasive treatment to everybody. As Mike worked, I was fascinated to experience my body’s physical reactions to energy blockages/ trauma bubbling up and gently dissipating. I slept deeply and peacefully for a full 8+ hours straight last night. Didn’t wake once. First time in weeks! Many thanks!” Rebecca

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