Integrative Baby Therapy (IBT)

Listening to your baby's story

Integrative Baby Therapy looks at birth from the point of view of the baby with the understanding that having come though a journey of mythical proportions on their way to this world and having survived the possible dangers and difficulties of that journey they may well have a story that they need to tell.


Our early experiences during and before birth leave a profound imprint on our nervous system and difficulties we may have encountered then can lead to problems after the birth or later in life, especially during times of transition. Clearly problems can arise from interventions and complications during the birth but even where the birth has been natural and gone well there can be aspects of the journey and experiences of the baby during the pregnancy from which difficulties can arise.
Continual crying where there is no clear reason, difficulties with sleep or feeding, being unresponsive or withdrawn and emotional difficulties, tantrums and irrational fears in older children and other troubles can all have their roots in our earliest experiences.


We all know that when we have had a difficult experience being listened to with empathy and understanding can be deeply healing.
IBT is a relatively new therapy, based on many years of observation and research, which works to support the whole family to understand and help babies integrate their experience.

We observe baby body language and use a variety of techniques such as creative play and mirroring to help babies process their experience and feel understood and held in the relational field of the family.

Fortunately babies are able to change more easily than adults given the right empathy and support. They also have much to teach us and can be hugely rewarding to work with.

Our work is always done in partnership with the parents and with their permission. We bring the understanding and principles we have been trained in to support and work together with families to resolve problems in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation which honours natural parenting instincts.

I am currently near the end of my training as an IBT therapist with Conscious Embodiment Trainings and am looking for a small number families to work with to complete my practitioner qualification.

If you are interested please get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities.

Sessions will be low cost as I am still in training and would take place at our house in Tyberton, Herefordshire.

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